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Developing Unique Materials for Device Handling


To safely transport and handle valuable devices from bare die to medical components or other fragile parts, Gel-Pak, a Division of Delphon, is the carrier of choice.

For over 30 years Gel-Pak, an ISO certified company, has been an industry leader in guaranteeing safe shipping, handling and storage of cutting edge technologies ranging from 250µm chips to 300mm wafers and substrates.

Gel-Pak’s unique Gel Technology immobilizes the component to ensure damage free transportation and storage.

Product Spotlight: Gel-Pak Large Format Vacuum Release carriers for Thin Wafer Handling

Gel-Pak Thin Wafer HandlingGel-Pak VR carriers are ideal for safely handling thin wafers.  These 
carrier products securely hold fragile wafers in place during shipping and storage. The product line is also routinely used for wafer processing.  Learn more...

Product Selection Wizard

Use the Product Selection Wizard to optimize your carrier solution. Gel-Pak provides both standard and custom products for thousands of customer device types and applications.

Gel-Boxes & Gel-Trays®

Gel-Box & Gel-Trays
  • Original Sticky Gel-Box
  • Gel-Tray, Gel-Slide
  • Accommodates Wide Variety of Device Sizes
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Immobilizes Components
  • Easy Load/Unload

Vacuum Release™ (VR)

Vacuum Release Trays
  • Format 2" and 4" Trays
  • Automated Bare Die Handling
  • No Edge / Topside Contact
  • The Pocketless Waffle Pack
  • No Molding Charges
  • Long Term Storage
  • Damage Free Shipping and Handling


  • Proprietary Elastomeric Material
  • Variable Size, Thickness and Tack Levels
  • Wide Variety of Film Process
  • Applications: Wafer Backgrind, Surface Protection, Process Fixtures

Non-Gel Products

Membrane Boxes
  • Custom Design Shipping Containers
  • Large Substrate VR Plates
  • Plastic Boxes / Foam Inserts
  • Membrane Boxes
  • Materials (Conductive, Anti Static, Transparent)
  • Logo and Grid Pad Printing by TouchMark

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